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My hobby is piano.maybe I'm into the piano!! Everyday,I listen to piano music and play the piano.I'm happy can think like that.I had started the piano 5years childhood dream was to be teacher of piano.but I didn't like it when I was in adolescence.I thought unfortunate that I became into intermediate,this side advance.My dream playing the Chopin,Beethoven,Liszt and more.Just around that time I was busy for club active and studying in high school and un-matched my new teacher of piano,very tired.Things like that often happen.
you know piano needs tuning.I needed to have a piano tuner once a year.In addition to it keep condition by continuing to use.ha ha.. I had tried to play the piano self taught so far.I asked my children if you like the piano,she said to maybe do not like it very much,she said like piano better than draw picture.(yes,yes I know!). Therefore I started the piano in earnest after 22 years. It was decided new teacher who my daughter's teacher.She is so kind and has passion to piano,She is good at the piano too!! To be joy I got many friends from piano school. We are rivals but good friends.

This movie is my 3th lesson,from Liszt. sometimes I will check myself.If you are interested, Please advice me!



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